HS Girls
Head - Sarah LeVeck
Emily Hess
Krissy Geren
Lance LeVeck

HS Boys
Head - Tim Black
Head - Brock Weaver

MS Girls
Mary Wilkins

MS Boys
Brian Kettering


Ashland BalloonFest
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Ashland Invitational
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Tour de Ashland Half
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Information distributed to Students/Parents
1. Team Policy Packet 6. Class Polo Order Form miraclefeet Fundraiser Forms
2. 2015 Season Calendar 7. Summer Camp Packing List INFO COMING SOON
3. 2015 Summer Running Log (required for logging your runs throughout the summer) 9. Team Spirit Wear Order Form (coming soon) 1. Event Info
4. 2015 Summer Vacation Form   2. Team Sign-Up
5. Class Polo Order Form    
Joel Brean Midnight Memorial 5K w/ the Lane Paullin Gun Lap (required to participate)
(Ashland BOYS XC Fundraiser)

Team Links:
1. Team Library (books & movies you can borrow)
2. Top 3.1 Honor Roll
3. Ohio Running Camps
4. Baumspage Race Results (Tiffin not included)
5. Transportation Form (needed to drive your son home from a meet)
7. Course Maps
8. miraclefeet Official Website
9. Ashland High School (official school website)

Coaches Contact Information
Co-Head Coach Tim Black (419) 651-0391
Co-Head Coach Brock Weaver

(419) 651-5759

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